window1_edited-1The images in the Windows Project were taken individually for over a year, all over the world. The idea behind this project was inspired by film photography. I feel that the clarity of today’s cameras can sometimes eliminate the mystery or privacy between the viewer and the subject. Film cameras provide a grainier and blurrier image, but the message can still be communicated clearly. I wanted to find a way to insert that filter between myself or the viewers of my images and my subjects while still using digital photography as my medium. I found that windows were an interesting way to create the space to give my subjects some privacy, albeit they often felt intruded upon as none of these photos were posed. The following images are honest depictions of a single frame of each subject’s dynamic life. Window Temp 1 Window Temp 3 Window Temp 4 Window Temp 5 Window Temp 6 Window Temp 7 Window Temp 8 Window Temp 9 Window Temp 10 Window Temp 13 Windows Temp 3 Windows Temp 12